Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Belated Christmas Knitting Post

So, I am finally getting around to posting some pics of my Christmas knitting. I don't really know what my deal was around the holidays, I just didn't feel like posting for some reason.

Anyway, first up is the modified Lady Eleanor I made for my sister. I omitted the fringe because I just didn't like the look of it that much.

The yarn is Patons SWS in Natural Geranium. I think I used 7s or 8s, I can't remember, but it was one size smaller than the size suggested on the ball band.

I really love how this turned out and I plan on starting one for me in blue greens sometime after the move. It was time consuming, but definitely worth it (she told me random strangers at the grocery store and the mall stop her to ask her about it).

Next up is the Odessa I made for my nephew. I omitted the beads of course. J kindly modeled the hats for me.

I used 100% Baby Llama for this hat, but not sure which brand. It was very soft.

This is the top view so you can get a good look at the spiral. This pattern was a lot easier than I expected and pretty quick. I want one!

Last up is the Koolhaas hat I made for my brother in law. I used Araucania Nature Wool for this. This pattern was a challenge because of all the cabling, but I just need to learn cabling without a cable needle.

This is the top view - doesn't J's head look really egg like?

And the Dr. Evil front view complete with evil sidekick "Mantis" in the background.

I will definitely make another one of these, I like the look a lot. I also like how the yarn was marbled looking. Very cool.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sockapalooza Sock Savior Rocks!

I feel bad that I didn't post these earlier, but I just got all tied up with the holidays and the house stuff and everything.

I got my socks from my Sockapalooza Sock Savior! These socks totally rock! The fit and color is great! As you can see, the fluffies also like the socks!

They are the Uptown Boot Socks from Favorite Socks. I wanted to make these because I love cables, but I thought I would go insane! It's so much cabling!

My sock savior is also a blogger and blogged a lot about these socks and they traveled a lot! Check out her blog to see!


So, thanks so much Sock Savior - you rock!

Cobblestone Pullover

This is J in his Cobblestone Pullover. He actually likes this sweater. I have seen him wear it more in the couple of weeks that he has had it than I have ever seen him wear all of his other sweaters combined.

He even said he would like another one in another color! Wow!

Click on the pictures for a bigger view. You can see much more of the knitting details with a bigger view.

The yarn is Tweed Cascade 220. The color is pretty accurate in the second picture.

I really like that this sweater accentuates the chest area and hangs loose over the belly.

Cobblestone was a really easy knit and the sizing was just right after blocking. I am really pleased with this pattern and will definitely make another one.

J looks so great modeling this sweater.


Man, I am so behind on posting.

I have J's Cobblestone Pullover pictures to post. He really likes this sweater. He has worn it a bunch already it looks great on him.

I finished Cherie Amour, but unfortunately I am not totally in love with it. After blocking the sleeves just got really long and the shoulders don't really stay up where I like them. This may be frogged, but I'm not sure yet.

The big news that I mentioned in the last post is this:

J and I are buying a home (well, half a home really, it's a half duplex). We close on it next week and we are super excited. It's not too terribly much bigger than our apartment, but it does have an extra bathroom and a 2 car garage. The neighborhood is clean and we are glad we could find something we liked in Dallas.

One of the coolest features of the house is that there is an atrium in the living room with a sliding door on one side and 2 of the other walls have big windows. Kinda like having an outdoor room inside and it provides a lot of light.

When we close I will be posting lots of before and after pictures because we have a lot of work to do (stripping wallpaper, painting, tiling, etc.).

Anyway, here is one picture of the outside.

The left side with the nice tree is ours. It is a corner lot and has a nice little back yard as well.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Yep, today is my birthday! Woo Hoo go me! Hehe

I have not posted in so long. I had no idea it had been so long.

I have been working on the Cobblestone Pullover for J for last 2 weeks and it's almost done. My Cherie Amour is still sitting and waiting to be finished, unfortunately. All I have left is about an inch on one sleeve and seaming them up and it's done!

I still need to post my Christmas Knitting pictures. I did a few knitted ornaments too, but I didn't get any pictures of those before I gave them away.

J and I have been super busy lately. We have big news to announce, but we need to wait just a while longer to finalize all the details. Yeah!