Saturday, January 20, 2007

SSSK 2007 Jaywalkers

I am in the Shabby Sheep Sock Club for 2007 and just finished my first pair of socks! This is the Jaywalker pattern by Grumperina. The yarn is Hill Country Weavers 100% merino in Chocolate Covered Kisses. I used size 1 dpns and the large size pattern.

I stayed up until about 4 am this morning finishing them up. They are cute and super stripey! I like them! Yeha!

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Project

I started this project over the weekend and it's going really well - can anyone guess what it is yet? I love the gradual color changes.

My birthday is this week and I bought this yarn with some birthday money. It's going to be bigger than the projects in the 2 books I am consulting, so I will most likely need more yarn than I bought.

I'll post more pics of my progress as I go...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Maroon Life Sucker

The maroon life sucker is finally finished and delivered. I started working on this for a gift for last Christmas - 2005. It's done in 48 individual squares and such a complete whip that it took me until this week to finish it. It turns out really great looking, but the yarn was acrylic (a friend picked the yarn) and was a pain to work on.

Again, the lighting inside our apartment totally sucks, but you get the basic idea. It did turn out really well and my friend liked it a lot.

I have the pattern if anyone wants it, but I definitely don't think I will be making another one of these anytime soon.

New Camera

So, we finally got our new camera. It is really great! Unfortunately our indoor lighting sucks, so the outdoor pictures definitely look much better. Canon Digital Rebel XTI - it rocks!

So, the first new blog pics are of the fluffy trifecta.

First up is Oscar - our middle and special puppy...

Next is Rufus - our oldest and best behaved fluffy - except for the howling...

Last, but definitely not least is Trixie - the baby - she is always happy and full of energy...

I love this picture of Miss Trixie outside. She is just so super cute!

More pictures coming soon! Yeah!