Friday, July 21, 2006

Baby Things

I have been knitting a bunch lately. This is a baby blanket and hat I made for M & T's new baby that is due any day. Both the hat and the blanket turned out really great. I like the fruit hats, they turn out really cute. Enjoy!
I mentioned the other night at practice to a couple of people about finding camo yarn and knitting a skirt for the bout which is a war theme. They basically made fun of me for wanting to do that and that sucked. It really makes me mad when people think just because you knit you make all that ugly grandma looking crap. I hate that crap and only make cool stuff. The skirt would be cool, but now I don't really have the time or money to make stuff.

I have to get these in the mail today, so I will have to go find a pack and ship place around here on my lunch hour.
I paid my first car payment on my new car today and boy did that suck!
I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I have a few things to do on Saturday, but other than that I will just be working on my black and blue ball dress. It's going to be cute. Black with cherries and all that.
I got my skates back and I think they are going to be really great. I haven't really gotten to try them out since my feet are all jacked up, but I hope it will make all the difference.
I am going to Luke's Locker tomorrow to check out insoles and socks and blister remedies that might help a lot as well. The guy on the phone said to bring in my skates and we could try some different stuff to see what might work.
Anyway, so glad it's Friday!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I need to rename this blog "enjoy the negativity" or something... damn

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pippi Broadstalker's Birthday aka get my drink on...

So, last night I went out after work with Pippi for her birthday. I got way too drunk for a Tuesday and made an ass out of myself. I went and talked to random guys she picked to have them come over and drink with her for her birthday. We went outside and had a girlie crying drunk moment and she called J to pick me up since I was a drunk moron and couldn't drive home. When he got there we were walking to his car and I fell over a parking block and skinned my knees and the front of my foot. This is an oh so nice addition to my earlier foot injury. Bleh...
I felt like complete crap this morning and didn't take my contacts out last night, so it felt like they were glued to my eyeballs. Ick.
I so wish practice wasn't tonight, I am tired as hell and my foot still hurts. On a positive note, my skates will be fixed and I can try them out.
Derby is a real time sucker. I decided to do this for fun and it just isn't. I like the events, but I don't need to be drinking so much and the practices are killing me. I can't quit because I will feel like a loser.
Well, if I end up having to try out again I might not make it anyway, so I guess if that happens I will deal with it.
Kind of a downer day today, sorry. Oh did I mention that I managed to spill my entire large drink on the carpet at Wendy's on my lunch? Doh!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Disgusting Derby Injury

Ok, so this is gross - this was my foot the day after practice on Sunday. My worst derby injury to date. It hurts really bad. Just from my skates...
No idea how I will skate on it the day after tomorrow at practice.
On another note, the rink that will remain nameless screwed up my new skates really badly when they put them together in a really crappy manner, so I had to have new plates and the skate boots had to be redrilled. I was really angry about this!
Thanks so much to Kelly (Clay's Pride) and Clay at Mid-Cities Skateland for helping me out so much! They are awesome! If anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area needs work on their skates please see these people.
More later...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Almost the weekend...

This weekend will be super busy. I will have like no free time.
Friday night is Pippi Broadstalker's birthday party. I am baking an awesome cake tonight for her. Mostly strawberry with some surprises.
Saturday is the league rummage sale from 8am to 2pm. So not looking forward to getting up that early. Saturday night I am going to a birthday party with D at Zubar. That should be fun. Not sure if J is going or not. I am pretty pissed/disappointed with him right now. Once again the computer might as well be married to him.
Sunday is the league open forum meeting from 1-4 pm and then practice from 5-7 pm. That is going to be a really long day.
I also have to find time to alter a dress for Bump n' Grinder this weekend and finish knitting baby stuff to send to M&T.
On another note, practice last night went better than normal. It was harder, but I think it really helped a lot of us. We were also told that due to bad attitudes, crap skating and attendance issues that some of us may have to try out again in August. That totally sucked to hear and I am really going to have to start busting ass if I am going to stay on the league. I am going to get back into the gym and start getting back into shape. I really need to work on balance and flexibility. Oh, and strength. I just feel weak.
What was that saying about no rest for the wicked?
More later...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So, I didn't post pics of the new hair, but it looks much better and it's "derby red" according to D.
I have lots going on this weekend, a birthday party on Friday, league rummage sale on Sat., the league open forum Sun., then right after that, practice. What a busy weekend.
I finished the baby blanket I was working on. It turned out really well and is blocking right now. I will get a picture of it and post it before I ship it.
My MIL was mentioning alpaca the other day, so I am planning on making her a sweater. Just have to find a pattern I like and some super soft alpaca yarn...
I am having a paint issue with my brand new car that is not making me very happy, hopefully I will get that resolved tomorrow. I am taking it into the dealership after work.
I am planning on going to Rollercon. I really need to get out of here for a few days and have some fun. I am feeling really run down lately and I just need a break. Pippi is going, so we should have a lot of fun. Last time I went I stayed on the strip, this time we will be staying downtown, which seems like fun to me! I am excited about it.
Oh yeah, I made a derby skirt that turned out really awesome and wore it for team pictures the other day. I have to get the pictures emailed to me, then I will post them. They turned out really well.
More later...