Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Makeover madness

I had a consultation yesterday for a haircut and color with a new salon I have never been to. I usually go to toni and guy, but the last few times I went I just wasn't happy with the results. They kept just giving me the same haircut every time whether I wanted it or not. It's like they only knew how to do one thing. Also, the last time I got highlights I really didn't like them either. They were just way too blonde and stringy looking.
I liked the guy I had the consultation with, he seemed to know a lot about color and I think he will do a really good job. Another girl there is doing my cut and her hair is really similar to mine, so I think it will turn out really great.
I am anxious, I go in Saturday at 1:00. I will, of course, post pictures of the new do... :)
Now I just need to work on everything else. My wardrobe really needs an update also. I was looking for something cute/sexy to wear the other day and I realized the majority of my closet is t-shirts and skirts and they don't even go that well together.
It's weird, I like so many different things and they don't mesh at all. I like little girlie skirts and sweaters, but I also like my derby stuff a lot. I need a style that can combine a little bit of everything. Eclectic... go figure... I think I need more basics, but also more interesting things to go with those. Everything is kinda boring that I have right now.
Anyway, at least a partial makeover is in the near future. Yeah!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My job...


Ok, so I am really tired of this fat bastard from accounting coming over and dumping shit in my lap to do because they are a bunch of lazy assholes over there. I mean, come on, they fired my friend who was the assistant in that department and now they have no assistants and none of them want to do anything. It is getting very annoying to say the least.
If I was getting paid to be an accounting assistant rather than a receptionist, maybe it would be ok, but those people over there are really annoying.
This company is just bizarre.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Life is Blah

How can so many things in my life be so boring right now?

Derby is exciting and fun, but I just feel bored in general with just about everything else.

I haven't been painting for a long time. I really need to get back into it.

My wardrobe sucks - I need a makeover...

I feel old and boring and uninteresting - ick.

I have to start working out and getting back into decent shape...


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Derby Stuff

Well, the mandantory derby meeting last night was a real eye opener.
Apparently one of the original owners of the league has left and taken a sizable chunk of the league's money with her along with a spending a large chunk of league money and not accounting for it. All together around 10k. Not good...
So, this leaves the league with enough money for practices in June and July and to cover the bout at the end of June, but no money for the July and August bouts. That really pisses me off! So, that means lots of fundraisers, garage sales, selling shots and everything else for us. Hopefully we can get a few really good sponsors too, that would really help.
Oh, did I forget to mention she even closed down the league website??

Monday, June 12, 2006


So, I have finished my first pair of socks! Woo Hoo! Check out the pictures....

They turned out really well and are super stripey. I like them! Next pair is already on the needles.
This was a crazy weekend. Friday night J and I went to happy hour/dinner with D. That was fun and we had yummy food and margaritas at Margarita Ranch. I had a chupacabra - it was yummy and dangerous. Then we went home and watched the Weatherman. You know, I really like Nicholas Cage, but this movie was the most depressing thing I have watched in a long time. Can't believe we watched the whole thing. It was awful.

Saturday I did some sock yarn shopping and took the completed socks by the LYS to see what they thought. I was pleasantly surprised when they told me that they were really impressed that it was a first effort on socks. Wooo Hooo! Go me! Got some good stuff there for more fabulous socks.
Saturday night we went to a surprise birthday party for a cool chick and hung out for a while and watched the Devil pursue D and follow him around like a puppy the whole time. It was pretty sad. Just hate to see him start dating the most annoying person on the planet all over again. I care because she is a moron and he deserves better. Bleh...

After that we went to a BT show at Seven. He did not go on until 1:30 and the crowd was so freaking weird, I don't think any of us had that good of a time. There were freaks everywhere! We had sweaty B-O guy crawling all over us, cheesy weird chick who stole the lighting guy's manual and was up on the speaker throwing crap everywhere, and various other weirdos doing bizarre shit. One chick next to me grabs me and takes a picture with me. I thought I was going to get into a fight with a bunch of stupid girls that were humping each other and bumping into me and stomping on my feet while I was sitting on a bench. I pushed them off of me and onto the floor twice. Man, sometimes I just wish I had my skates with me so I could kick some stupid girl ass...

Yesterday instead of practice there was a meeting and apparently some crazy derby shit is going down. I will know more about that on Tuesday, I guess. I did not go to the Ass City bout because I felt like crap. I need to go see them sometime.

So, in conclusion here are a few do's and dont's for a good weekend:

1. Never see a dj at Seven
2. Have good margaritas at Margarita Ranch
3. Naked Hula Hooping = fun

More later...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Long time no see...

So, it has been a really long time since I have posted...

Ok, updates...

I did make the Dallas Derby Devils league. I am on the 5th team that will skate next year. We are called the Death Row Rumblers. My skate name is Thumpalina. Number 327.

Training is really hard and I have to build my endurance a lot. It is also lots of fun. Events are really crazy and a good time.

Also, I have been knitting lots lately. I am finally working on my first pair of socks. They are turning out really well for a first ever pair and I will post pictures when they are all done.

I have been in a bit of a downcycle lately, feeling just not all together at peace with myself and everything else. My new job is not as great as I had hoped and derby has just had a lot of drama going on lately (20 girls on a new team - go figure). I'm tired of being angry and upset all the time. It's weird. One day I will be so up and happy and having a great time, then the next I will just feel like shit... who knows? Prozac anyone?

Ok, gotta get to work, lots of knitting and derby pictures coming soon...