Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We have a winner!

Wow - that was quick!

Sm00bs is the winner with Lorenzo Lamas!

I spent many a night with my mom enduring the cheesy entertainment of Falcon Crest. Apparently he's currently on The Bold and the Beautiful. Wow, just wow.

Here's a link to his website with some super cheesy pictures too!

I also loved the Victor DeLorenzo reference! Violent Femmes! That was my favorite band for so many years, all through junior high and high school. When I had not been in Dallas very long I went to see them at the Bomb Factory (anybody else remember that place?). It was a great show and afterward my friends and I were waiting out back by the bus and got to meet the Femmes. I still have my concert shirt from that show with their signatures on it. Very cool!

Anyway, Sm00bs, comment with your choice of prize and I will start working on it asap!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meet Lorenzo and a Contest!

Say hi to Lorenzo. He's a llama. A Fiber Trends Felted Llama to be exact. He's made from double stranding Lamb's Pride with Noro Kureyon.

He was a present for my sister who's had a rough time lately and during our last phone conversation I told her she needed a stripey and wildly inappropriate colored llama to cheer her up.


He's super fluffy and cute!

On to the contest!

The first person who can comment with the 80's pop culture reference having to do with Lorenzo's name wins a prize! That person can choose a lovely set of sterling silver and bead stitch markers, necklace or bracelet hand made by me!

Come on, it's so easy!

Airy Scarf

This is the Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I started it on Sunday and finished it up Monday night. I had a little less than half of a ball of Kidsilk Haze, but it worked out fine, even being a couple of rows shorter than the pattern.

Here is a closer view.

It's very soft and blocked nicely. The color is fabulous, of course. I like it a lot.

J took this picture right before I left for work. We'll see how it looks at the end of the day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Malabrigo Lace

I have heard such nice things about Malabrigo all over the place that I had to get some. I was definitely not disappointed. It is super soft. I love touching it and can't wait to start the scarves I got the yarn for.

Also, I got the yarn at They are in Washington and I just paid for the most inexpensive shipping and I got the yarn 2 days later! From Washington to Texas in 2 days is really really good! I was very pleased. They have lots of colors in various weights of the Malabrigo, so if you are curious, I would definitely order from them.

Oh yeah, I got the Velvet Grapes and Pearl Ten colors. They are so nice! One of the colors is for a scarf I will make for a gift, but I will have a really hard time giving it up, I'm afraid.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Yep, it is finally done!

KnitPicks Gloss in Black
Size 3 Addi Lace needles
Size 6 glass seed beads in various greens and blues
I beaded all the flowers across the back - I needed more sparkly!

Left Side:


Right side:


It needs better blocking, but until I get blocking wires, it looks ok. The edges curl in a bit and the back/wing connection needs to look better.
Thanks Melanie of Pink Lemon Twist for this great project!

Sock Saviors Rock!

I got an email from my Sock Savior for Sockapalooza - this is so awesome! People sign up to be "Sock Saviors" where they make a second pair of socks for someone who didn't get a pair from their original pal. This person not only made the pair of socks for their pal, but is making another pair to make up for someone who, for some reason, couldn't fulfill their obligation for the exchange! How Excellent!

Sock Saviors totally rock!

Yeah! Now I am excited again!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sockapalooza Pal - Where Are You??

I am seriously bummed. Sockapalooza has been over for a month and I still have not received anything from my Sockapalooza Pal.

*For any non-knitters, Sockapalooza is a secret pal exchange where you get a pal's foot size information and preferences and knit them a pair of socks to their specs.*

This was my first knitting secret pal exchange, so it was a big let down.

Anyway, I'm glad my pal liked the socks that I made for her.