Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Green Things

I have been on a quest for green things lately. For some reason I am just loving green right now. Mostly grassy greens and vibrant greens.

I went on an all day search for the perfect green leather bag. I was told it was never made in green by a certain store, so I bought an orangey-red one. I went to another location of the same store and was told that it did come in green, but they were sold out. So, I drove 30 minutes to the only local store that had one. I bought the bag and was uber happy until 2 days later when the stitching started coming apart. Bleh...

So, I called the customer service line and the store I purchased said bag at and after getting the run around for a few days, they mailed me the replacement bag. I sent the defective bag back and am happy to report that the new bag has no problems at all.

In the picture below is the perfect green bag and the green cotton shirt that I made.

I worked in retail a long while ago and it makes me really mad when I get crappy customer service. After getting the run around and using the phrase "horrible customer service", the company finally got its head out of its ass and fixed the problem.

I know in this photo I look freaking huge, but you will be pleased to know that since the photo was taken I have gone back to low carbing and have lost 12 pounds so far! Yeah! Go me!


This is the yarn I chose for my Sockapalooza Pal. I think she will love the colors!

The yarn is soft and squishy and one of the brands that she said was her favorite. I cast on last night using a pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks and it is coming along nicely.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

That picture sucked! New Hair Redo!

My new hair looked like crap in that last picture - I took this one in the mirror. Much better!


I got a new much shorter haircut and new color over the weekend. The hair is much easier short. It takes like 5 minutes to dry and style.

Also, I made this shirt last night. I love the fabric. I am really into green right now and this pattern was super easy! Yeah!

I still have a little sunburn left, but it's peeling and starting to fade.

Rockin Sock Club - Inside Out!

I love these socks and the pattern was completely awesome! It took me forever to do them, (I was scared of the new techniques) but they turned out so great! I love the striping/pooling combo!

I had to post a picture of the bottoms, I love how the heels look!

Oh yeah, did I mention they fit me perfectly? Yeah!


Went to a Rangers game with work and all I got was this lousy sunburn! Ouch!

Worst sunburn I have had in years. I just needed claws and I would have been a lobster.