Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Handyman & Wisteria

If you noticed the nice ceiling light in the kitchen pictures, yeah! There are actually 2 and I installed them myself. J had to get up in the attic and dig through the insulation to replace the old broken boxes the light fixtures screw into. This is him on his second trip into the attic all protected from the fluffy sprayed insulation up there. I just had to get a picture of him since this isn't usually his thing at all. He actually bought a toolbelt! Ha!

My mom was here last weekend and bought us some plants. This is our wisteria that I planted in the back corner of our yard. J somehow managed to throw his back out over the weekend, so I, get this, mowed the entire lawn, pulled weeds and dug a hole and planted this nice little wisteria. It was work. Those of you that know me personally know I'm not really a yard work kinda girl.

I also cut wood trim with a hand saw at Home Depot last weekend. Wow, can you believe it??

Anybody know a good tile guy?

We had to fire the guy who was working on our kitchen. He was doing a completely crappy job on everything.

So, now I have to find a good painter to redo the nasty paint job he did on the cabinets and a tile guy to start over from scratch on the counter tops.

I am so much past annoyed at this point. The guy clearly did not know what he was doing and as a result we have a giant mess to clean up.

This is a picture of the kitchen originally when we moved in. Every time I looked at the peach cabinets and old as hell oven and microwave I just about gagged.

This picture is about mid way through the jacked up painting with the horrible countertop in. I can't believe the guy installed the new tile countertop before he painted everything. Argh!

This is what the kitchen looks like now and why we finally had to get rid of the guy. If you notice, the cabinet doors look like a different color of white - well, this is because the guy, without even asking us, took the doors home with him and painted all the doors with white high gloss oil base paint. I was so pissed. We paid for all the paint for the cabinets, a nice semi gloss latex, so we basically wasted money on 3 gallons of paint because now the doors didn't match. Besides that, the cabinets weren't sanded well before painting and looked like complete crap.

Anyway, we have a tile guy coming on Saturday to look it over and see about redoing the countertops. I just want it done already!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I don't drink coffee, so if I made it it would probably taste like crap anyway (usually the woman who gets to the office at an ungodly hour makes it).

I told J that I need to make some, but take a crap in the pot first so I wouldn't have to ever make any again...


Coffee can suck my ass.


I am so hating life right now. I really have to figure out a way to go back to school so I can get a degree to be able to do something I love.

This crappy office job is KILLING me. I can't do anything to please my supervisor. She pulled me in for a meeting today and nitpicked everything I do (including, but not limited to one of the head guys having to make his own coffee one morning - OMG - the horror!) Give me an effing break...

The house is coming along, so at least that's good.