Monday, August 04, 2008

KIP Day Saturday

I missed Knit in Public Day this year, so I decided to do my own last Saturday. I bet some people were thinking I had abandoned the blog or forgotten how to knit, but it is not so.

J and I had a bunch of stuff to do on Sat and the knitting came along for the ride. Oh yeah, I am working on "Hey Teach" from Knitty.

This is at breakfast.

In the Car (we were in the car a lot, but just wanted to put in one pic).

Outside in the flower section at Home Depot. Apparently our sprinkler system is shot and the entire thing needs to be replaced, so we bought sprinklers and hoses and set a makeshift one up for ourselves. It works really well, actually.

This is at Tree Top Bird Center. We have bought a lovebird, but she's still too little to come home yet, so we visit her here several times a week. She's super cute, but we didn't get any photos with her this time.

Finally, this is at dinner. Chuck's isn't far from Tree Top, so we just stopped in and had a quick dinner.

I have been knitting a lot and will have a few FO's to post soon. I just finished up the February Ladysweater from Ravelry and it turned out really well.

Also, J finally got an iphone and all of these pictures were taken with it. It has a really decent camera for a cell phone!


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